In 1992, for the first time ever, American professional basketball players were allowed by FIBA to play in the Olympic games. The results were not surprising. A team assembled from the best mustachioed players that the NBA had to offer (and Christian Laettner) was nearly unstoppable. The US won with an average margin of nearly 44 points and at no point did the coach ever have to use a timeout. The team also included one of the biggest talkers in the game, Charles Barkley, who took a bit of guff for elbowing a much smaller Angolan player, to which he responded "Somebody hits me, I'm gonna hit him back, even if it does look like he hasn't eaten in a while." Well, that happens when you bring all the best parts together.

But what happens when you bring all of the cheapest and easiest-to-find parts together? You have Murilee's LeMons racer. Building a car like that is a special kind of dream, a dream Elhigh shares:

When I build my dream car out of somebody's basement paneling and copper pipe I stole from a dead meth chef's trailer shed, I want to make a dash just like this one, because that will be the piece of resistance that will make whatever crack-ho-on-wheels train wreck of a car I can build so awesome that no one will be able to deny my Jalopnosity.

A COTD so great we can ignore saying "piece of resistance" and the bold/italicizing. Dare to dream, Elhigh.