Modern cars continue to get bigger, heavier, and more complicated. We understand all the added safety features, electronic goodies, and interior space have their appeal to consumers, but we've gotta respect a return to the basics. What are those "basics"? Well as Colin Chapman said, "add lightness." Even though lightweight performance roadsters have taken a sharp turn towards overkill as of late with cars like the Ariel Atom 500, Caparo T1, and even the V8 RS Caterham Seven, what might we expect from this latest Caterham?

According to PistonHeads, the R500 Superlight is supposed to weigh less than 1080lbs. The power-to-weight ratio is said to be about 500 HP/ton, but who knows for sure what kind of "tons" those are, still word is we should expect 0-60 time of under 3.6 seconds. So will this be another uncontrollable beast, or a divine driving dream? We'll just have to stay tuned and find out. [via PistonHeads]