That's the 2009 Honda Pilot. If it looks familiar to you, it should. That's because it basically looks basically unchanged from the 2009 Honda Pilot concept we saw at the Detroit Auto Show in January. This particular, umm, fleet, of Pilots was caught outside of a Detroit area Marriott Hotel by the good folks at Car und Driver. Unfortunately C&D's shots are a bit — tiny. Although some claim size doesn't matter, more claim that it does, so if anyone wants to make a quick buck, or five hundred of them, figure out which Marriott they're at and head on out to grab some high-resolution shots (we're talking DSLR quality — sorry guys, no iPhone or other camera phone pics please).

Specifically, grab us some interior shots along with some great exterior shots of the new 2009 Pilot and if you've got the best pics and you get them in first, we'll pay you some cold hard cash. Just e-mail us at tips-at-jalopnik-dot-com once you've got them and we'll talk you through how you can send them to us. Now hop to it — the deadline's tomorrow night at midnight. Also, standard contest rules apply. [via Car & Driver]