This whole "Max Mosley Death Watch" thing might be around longer than we expected. So, Mosley is a freak, Bahrain didn't want him to come to their race, Mosley doesn't care, FIA orgs call for his resignation, but he's still got Bernie in his corner. And now we find out, from a "friend" of Mosley, that "the more people want him to go, the more he will be determined not to." Great.

The friend goes on further for The Times:

"Max is not an individual who runs away from problems and he will solve the problems in the way he thinks is right. He is a fighter and he will fight," the friend said.

As the video shows, he is a fighter, able to stand up to five whores pretending to be guards and/or victims. Of course, he apparently yelled at the Crown Prince of Bahrain, so this "death watch" may be taking on a new, more literal, meaning.

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