It's one thing to sell an exceedingly rare and beautiful car for a big pile of cash, but what about just a rare car? Nobody is going to mistake this 1948 Holden FX — one of only 112 sold, and one of three thought to still exist — for any kind of concourse winner. It's just plain fugly in our opinion, but as they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Apparently its pretty damned beautiful to owner Charlie McCarron, who has put it up for sale and is asking a stonking $1.2 million for it.

The admittedly rare Holden has been a ward of Charlie's since he bought it second hand for $575 in 1970. While $1.2 mill sounds like an insane asking price, Mr. McCarron has already turned down offers of $900k for the car. From the sounds of things, there's been little needed in the way of upkeep, and if Charlie eventually finds a buyer for the car, he's looking at a return on investment somewhere in the neighborhood of 2,085%. Not bad for an old car huh? [CarsGuide]