Most of our daily questions exist in an environment in which price is no sort of object. But that's not the world we we live in. Years of do-nothing tax breaks and fiscal mismanagement have left us with a weaker dollar and a serious deficit. To make it worse, our one crutch was hundreds of billions of dollars in mortgages that were never going to be paid. And unless you're one of the irresponsible jerks that got us into this mess, you're more likely to get a golden shower from the government than a golden parachute. let's be generous. After selling a kidney, abandoning your house and eBaying your collection of Ron Santo memorabilia you've pooled together about $25K for your transportation/housing allowance. What kind of car/truck do you live in?

The easiest thing to do, probably, is invest in a used, 22R-powered Mini-Winnie of some sort. Maybe a Toyota RV-amino?. That'll leave you with a little money for food and entertainment. You could go with something nice like a Tramper Camper, but that gets expensive and doesn't come with a bathroom. A Honda Element Camper will probably break the bank, but it is stylish. How much is a used Westfalia Camper?. There are lots of options for those forced into living in a van down by the river. What's your favorite option?