The McLaren SLR always leaves us scratching our heads. The thundering V8 is brilliantly finessed by McLaren so as to attract only the highest-end of horsepower-happy hoon. However, it's just too pretty. The engine's wrapped up in a package that screams for the depths of the celebrity elite — the oil barons, soccer stars, "gangsta" moguls and Gumballers of the world — to buy it and have their way with it. And by that we mean everything from showing off your "no-no spot," having difficulty entering and exiting, DUIs and of course, smacking into the rear (or front) bumper of a late-model Honda Civic. But for the privileged lowest of the low, the tuning shop of Mansory has put together an attempt to "Save The SLR" by making a version of the McLaren-mobile sure to be unwanted by even the most privileged of douches-with-privilege. It's called the Renovatio.

Sure, you might be thinking, it wouldn't be so bad if it was all in black. Yes, that would disguise some of the ugly on the outside, but you would still have that atrocious interior. Still, we're happy in knowing that, for a price, you too can save an SLR. We've already got the t-shirt presses revving up.