Cue the sirens! This just in! There are female DeLorean owners out there and now there is officially proof because The New York Times decided to profile one Lauren J. Reilly, the owner of a completely stock 1981 DeLorean DMC-12. The 31-year-old advertising firm producer lives in Midtown Manhattan and milks the car for all the attention she can get from tourists and jaded onlookers. Reilly described owning a DeLorean as "5 percent being a rock star," which is debatably accurate. The design enthusiast decided on the DeLorean as a birthday present for herself after doing lots of research prior to buying a hers on eBay. Unfortunately the near legendary French V6 is performing exactly as the stereotype would suggest

Apparently the 2.8-liter PRV6 in the 1981 DeLorean isn't holding up too well and, gasp, stalls out on occasion. We know, we're just as shocked as you are. Hold on to your hats though fellas, because the most unbelievable fact here is Ms. Reilly is single. She's probably more than willing to accept applications from novelty car junkies or creepy Back to the Future fanatics. [NYT via Dethroner]