Up to this point, we've had one three-time DOTS vehicle owner, WhatWouldJesseDo, with his Mini, Bluebird, and Puma appearing in this series. Today we're adding another Triple DOTS Club member; the owner of this very rough Ford truck also owns the equally rough '61 Thunderbird and '70 Impala. All three of these fine Detroit machines park on the same parking-challenged block, being moved as needed to avoid street-sweeping tickets.

Unlike the T-Bird and Impala, however, the F-100 gets driven regularly. In fact, this is the daily driver of the three.


The standard F-100 engine in 1964 was the 223 six-cylinder, with the Y-block 292 as the optional V8 powerplant. This truck sounds like it has the six under the hood.

Vehicles rust in extremely slow motion (and from the top down) in Alameda, so there's nothing to stop a simple, sturdy truck like this one from surviving with minimal maintenance for 40 or 50 years. I often wonder what's being stored under that heavily bungeed tarp, which has been on this truck in one form or another for as long as I can recall.


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