We knew that Microsoft was going to look to hawk its Sync system elsewhere—especially with its booming popularity and the soon-to-be expired Ford contract. Now we know who is first to the free market table Alpine and Continental, two aftermarket manufacturers, are already working on integrating the voice command and entertainment system into their own products. Perhaps even more interesting, due to its early popularity, Microsoft is already working on the next generation of Sync and it has a super-exciting codename!

Talladega. Yes, the partial name of the semi-funny Will Ferrel movie is the codename of Microsoft's next generation of Sync. Then again, we all know codenames are rarely used for the real release of any product, but who knows with this case. I can already imagine the kids: "Hey dudebro, check my sa-weet Talladega system!" Yeah, it just doesn't sound right. [Automotive]