It's been a rough one for Max Mosley this week, though Mosley likes it that way, usually. The FIA president, now infamous for his alleged Nazi-stlye sex orgy, has rejected calls for his dismissal, despite automakers and the Royal Family of Bahrain expressing their serious concerns. Though Bernie Ecclestone stands by Mosley for now, things have taken an even worse turn with two major European organizations calling for his removal.

First, the ADAC (Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club) called for the embattled president to "reconsider his role." And this isn't like the Springfield Spitfire Enthusiasts asking, the ADAC is the largest automotive club in Europe with 15 million members and is a significant part of the FIA. Second, KNAF, the Dutch motorsport organization, was even more direct telling a reporter that they plan to go to the FIA meeting about Mosley's position and vote for his resignation.


WIth the meeting coming up to decide Mosley's fate, the question is how many of the 222 organizations that make up the FIA can reasonably vote in his favor? [SkySports, WorldCarFans, BBC Sport]