No, that's not an April Fools' Day p-shop. That's what you think it is — a shoe that looks like an Opel. Designed by Simon Deering, The shoes are part of Opel's effort to market their Agila as a hip fashion accessory for their distaff customers. But the marketing doesn't stop there, Opel's even created a special model of the Agila, the "Agila.Com," which can only be ordered online. Pshaw, don't they know there are no women online?

Apparently those Euro-chicks must be quite tech-savvy. The Agila.Com even comes with a sat-nav system called "Flex In The City." Seriously? "Flex In The City?" Does Ford know about this yet? Price for the feminine hatchback is 14,449 €. That's like what — $2.2 million or something? Well, whatever the conversion ends up at, you get a very cute little hatch-like thing with a 1.2-liter engine. We're not really interested. Let's hope GM doesn't try this same marketing tactic across their other brands with male buyers as we really don't want to see a pair of Corvette ZR1 sneakers or heaven forbid, Pontiac G8 Sport Truck boots. []