If you flipped your 1986 Crown Victoria it wouldn't be news unless it landed on someone famous. But Jerry Seinfield flips a Fiat, a Fiat BTM mystery car, and it's suddenly the biggest news of the day. He walked away from it, but because he made jokes about "shrinkage" he's all of a sudden dominating coverage. As much as we envy the giant garages of the celebrity elite, we're starting to envy the casual nature with which they can famously dispatch of them.

We all can name a few hundred cars we'd like to put in our own fantasy garages, but what car would we feel alright flipping for headlines? It's got to be safe enough to walk away from, which shouldn't be that hard considering someone just walked away from flipping a Fiat. It has to be fast enough to flip. And it has to have that certain cache so that the media picks up on it. What car from your celeb fantasy garage would you flip?