Gentle Ben's post about NYC congestion charges spawned its own mini-New York traffic complaint thread. We probably shouldn't be surprised since New Yorkers enjoy complaining about traffic in the same way people from Detroit like to complain about, well, everything. We're not going to discourage them from doing it because no amount of our bickering would stop their kvetching. But that didn't stop one commenter from trying.

Try to follow the logic here from ACarr260 about this:

Ya know, if you don't like the traffic, just don't go there. I don't like what goes on at Bed Bath & Beyond, but I don't complain about it - I just don't go there.

If you don't wade too deeply in the post you can understand it. Living and driving in NYC is a choice for most people so don't bitch about it. Go deeper and things get wacky. Ignore the fact that Acarr260 is complaining in a thread that they voluntarily entered about people complaining about voluntary choices and jump to the comparison.


Wait, what the fuck is going on at Bed, Beth & Beyond? Seriously? We live about 100 paces from a BB&B. What kind of shit is going down that we don't know about? Do we need to move our car?