As much as the Internet is powered by ads, you probably don't want to go too far down the Google AdWord rabbit hole because you might be frightened by what you find. In this case a search of Hummer served up a steamy ad claiming

"Most single men buy Hummers to impress women. The only women that a Hummer impresses are high maintaince goal diggers. Is this what you really want in your life?"

It's an excellent question. Is that what we want in our life? Maybe this site is offering guys a way out of merely buying their way into undergarments and offering them a chance to develop real character. It's not. What it's offering is wrong on so many levels. The full ad below the jump.

Look a little further and this is what you'll get:

If you really want to meet high quality women you need to look outside the USA. Foreign women have the qualities you want!

That's right fellas, you don't want a woman that loves you for your awkwardly-styled SUV, you want a woman that wants you because you were born in French Lick, Indiana. We feel sorry for Akona Adventure Gear, which seems to have been roped into this by some skeezy company.

Why not enlist and pick up foreign women today in your Hummer?