You love it, you hate it. The possibility of a front-engined V8-powered Ferrari "Dino" seems potentially sacrilegious, yet quite titillating. We're not exactly sure what to think about the new baby from Maranello. The idea of a smaller, more attainable Ferrari is fine with us, but we usually associate the "Dino" name with a mid-engined V6 model. Actually nobody is really sure what the car will be called. We don't even know if the car will be built by Ferrari in Maranello, or outsourced to Maserati in Modena. It's speculated the sales goal will be 4000 units of the new car. Either way, if it keeps the current breadvan profile of this current test mule caught by the advice giving Aussies at CarAdvice, we're all for them calling it whatever they want to. Mmm... breadvan.

Why would Ferrari produce 4,000 lower-powered stallions? Other than reaping the financial benefits of selling that many cars and expanding the brand, Ferrari needs to drop emissions 40% by 2012. Here's hoping that works out guys. []