Yes, when you bought that hatchback you thought you would have more than enough room to grow, but one marriage and 2.5 kids later the hatch's back no longer has the cushion for all the crap you're pushing in. Don't splurge on the minivan, yet, just invest in a super trendy and cool Rucksack! Think of the Rucksack as a backpack for your hatchback. It straps on the hatch door and provides more than four cubic feet of extra space for all of those things that randomly accumulate in any family-mobile. You know, like soccer balls, Dora the Explorer videos, and empty orange bottles of "Mother's little helper."

The Rucksack includes wheels so it can detach and be rolled with ease. In fact, the only downside of this $425 accessory is that it blocks the entire back windshield. But that's why we all learned how to reverse with our side-view mirrors in driver's training now, isn't it? [Auto Rucksack via boj]