The latest auto accessory to come out of Switzerland is — well, it's simply Divine. No, really — it's called Divine and it's a wax brought to you by the friendly people at SWIZÖL. Also, did we mention it costs 1,800 €, which translates to about $2,750 in Dubya-bucks? Seriously. And why wouldn't it cost that much given it's a wax formulated to match the exact color and type of paint the buyer provides to the company upon order? Not surprisingly, the Divine is what we'll call "exclusive." It's so "exclusive," you get a certificate of authenticity with your two jars of the stuff. Oh, and the certificates come on individually numbered and named plaques.

It is claimed to be the world's most expensive car wax, but I think the Zymbol has that title completed locked down. Of course, we've no idea how big those jars are. Maybe it's like a volume discount kind of thing. [Luxurylaunches]