In the latest installment of "We're-only-a-website-no-commerce-here" — also known as our own brand of cotomer sevis — instead of getting email from an eager buyer, we were propositioned by the other side of the capitalist equation. Or, to be specific, the e-mail is from what appears to be a shady Chinese exporter of bulletproof vests and cars. We say "appears," because, well, he claims his name is Mr. Andy — which we can only assume, nay, hope, to be a pseudonym. We've probably made Mr. Andy's radar screen — and more than likely the screens of other armaments manufacturers, after our little trip out to BAE Systems, but needless to say, his offer is still a bit odd. Mr. Andy asks us to consider his range of armor protection, starting with vests and then moving into our universe with the inclusion of an armored Toyota Hiace ripoff called the Jinbei Haise. He's also got a "Nissan Armored Cash-transport Car." Isn't there a joke out there about buying bulletproof vests made in China? If not there should be. Full text of the email below the fold.

From: "dameng-car" Date: March 31, 2008 8:28:05 AM EDT To: "080331-2" Subject: bulletproof car export !

Subject: Bulletproof vest/ armored vehicle !

To whom may be concerned

Dear Sir,

We are the leading manufacturer of bulletproof products in China; we have been exported bulletproof products for many years. At present, we are interested in extending our range, and with our pleasure to giving the catalogues and quotations to you for reference, as follows:

1. Bulletproof Vest (Dyneema/Kevlar material): NIJ0101.04 Level IIIA standard, USD335.00/piece, FOB Chongqing Port.

2. ¡°Jinbei¡± Armored Cash-transport Car (petrol engine): USD34500.00/piece, FOB Chongqing Port.

3. ¡°Nissan¡± Armored Cash-transport Car: 5026XYC1 Armored Cash- Transport Car, USD33800.00/unit, FOB Chongqing port.

In fact, We also have other models for your choice, If you have intersts in our products , please send me a email, Then I will offer picture and specification etc detail .

I look forward to hear from your reply soon.

Sincerely yours,
Mr. Andy
Sale manager