Historically speaking, April Fools Day is an opportunity for horribly unfunny people to be even less funny. We thought April Fool's Day had been cancelled this year so we didn't bother coming up with silliness for you. Which is probably a good thing because really, who wants to read made-up stuff when we can hear about what type of auto-related pranks you've pulled. We're looking for primo prankage here. Everyone has put a car on blocks, covered the windows with embarrassing shoe-polished messages and saran wrapped it like so much leftover Christmas ham.

We've even seen someone cover a car's window with wet cat food (which smells awful and dries in an unfortunate way). While other sites bring you photoshopped images of cars that we're sure will never exist, we want to see what you are made of. Make us proud.

[Photo: EarthFrisk]