Nope, you're not seeing double — that's the same video we ran earlier. But jeez, we just had to. We mean, we leave the office for a few hours to catch opening day and we can't even get the one thing we wanted run right today to actually get run right. First off, Springfield Dodge is trying to sell off the remainder of their 2007 Dodge Avengers, not Chargers. But more importantly, the reason this episode is so epic is one of us heard one of their family members get name-dropped on the show. That's right, great-uncle Admiral Hyman G. Rickover gets moved from engineering dorkdom to the epitome of pop culture-cool after Wiggum's trusty sidekicks bust out with a "Father of the Nuclear Navy" reference. The one opportunity for our family to see itself vaulted into the halls of the cool with a media reference on Fox's cartoon standard-bearer, and we couldn't even count on the team to point it out. Sigh. That's the last time we leave our office chair.