There's an 18-year-old somewhere in Australia today who is in dire need of a new pair of undergarments. Police responded to the scene of an accident on the Fitzgerald Bridge in Raymond Terrace, Australia where a the man lost control of his Mitsubishi Magna and crashed through the guardrail. Instead of plummeting the 20 meters into the Williams River below, the car managed to get caught up on the railing, dangling precipitously from the side of the bridge. A quick thinking tow truck driver hooked the car to his truck and called for emergency assistance.

It took emergency workers an hour and twenty minutes to remove the man from the precariously perched Mitsubishi Magna, and he was taken to the hospital for shoulder injuries — no doubt caused by crashing into a guard rail then hanging by his seatbelt for an hour and twenty minutes. We can only imagine what kind of chafing that can cause. [Sydney Morning Herald]

Photo credit to Darren Pateman