It always sucks for us when auto-lovers wants something so badly and so blindly they end up seeing things that just aren't there. It's even harder for us when we have to break the hearts of our beloved forum fan-boys — like in the case of the so-called third generation Solara spy photos from Friday. Sorry Solara-lovers, that ain't what you think it is. If there is a "new Solara" coming out, these shots aren't it.

As most of our commenters have already pointed out, what you're really looking at is a Hyundai Genesis sedan prototype. What caused all the ruckus with the lovers of the Solara is the fact that this Genesis prototype is still sporting a little of its pre-debut camouflage. Why's it wearing all the camo considering it was already officially revealed in both Korea and here at the Detroit Auto Show? Well, sometimes manufacturers will neglect to take off camouflage because, quite honestly, it's stuck on the car pretty well and it's a hassle. Though we bet sometimes they leave it on just to screw with us and all those forum fan-boys out there. That's right Solara Guy, we're looking directly at you on this one.