Don't you just hate it when you run out of things to do during a plane ride? Sure you could strike up a conversation with the stranger next to you, but who wants to have contact with actual people these days? No, best just to reach for that Sky Mall catalog and browse through all those wacky gadgets. That's what we did during our New York Auto Show travels, and check out what we found!

Always know what's behind your vehicle!

Keep your kids and pets safe from accidents and injury with this backup camera system. It mounts on your license plate and plugs into your reverse light socket to deliver a clear view of everything behind you via wireless signals beamed to the 3 1/2" liquid crystal display mounted on your visor, dashboard or air vent using the included mounting hardware.

What's wrong with this picture?


It's not that the $129 Wireless Backup Camera is particularly strange; actually, it's probably a pretty handy little add-on. But, look at the catalog picture for the item. You would think that if the rear-facing camera was as helpful as intended, that the woman in the photo would actually be able to look though the LCD display instead of turning around in her chair and looking out the back window.
[Sky Mall Item RDM105A]