We're well aware that the Ford Transit Connect is here and available in a lot of variations, but I'm still a bit confused by the taxi-model version that we spied last week and witnessed the official unveil of yesterday. The interior of this thing includes the mandatory glass panel that separates the driver and passengers. And that's where the confusion begins. The glass includes a LCD display much like we've already seen, but there also seems to be a sort of a map etched into the glass.

It would seem that they could just integrate the in-car GPS for the passengers in the LCD display, but the map etched into the glass makes me ponder differently. We've seen Ford do some pretty amazing things with the glass of the Ford Transit Connect in a previou variant, so the reality of using a map etched into the glass and some type of blinking light would be a ton cooler, really.


While we're discussing the tech of the Transit Connect Taxi, the bubble on top of the Taxi illuminates green or orange depending on occupancy. This thing really puts the Crown Victorias—currently the workhorse of taxi fleets—to shame. Well, everywhere except under the hood.