Wow, it's been a thrilling first day here at the New York Auto Show. We've been postin' like mad, and the Jalopnik commentariat has been right there with us. Of course, action continues to swirl around the El Camino campaign, and so it's only natural that our COTD would rise from the debate generated by the revival of the finest car-truck ever conceived. We have been approaching the naming of the new Pontiac G8 ST as if it were a hot-n-heavy election adventure, so we're delighted to see that the commenters have some political history in their veins.

It was htrodblder who took us back to one of the great cranks in American history, deftly yoking the author of Unsafe at Any Speed to the whole collective caminogasm. But with a twist:

You know Ralph Nader is gonna support Ranchero just to screw things up.

Oooo, bummer. But hell, he probably already has!

And yes, Number_Six, Mr. Wert's tie is Burberry.