The car show circuit has wound its merry way to the Big Apple. And with the New York Auto Show about to commence, we know that everyone has a whole bevy of things they just gots to see. Heck, we made this tendency among Jalops to create litanies of desire our Question Of The Day. And accordingly, we were rewarded with a great deal of cool material from the commentariat. Read on to see who came up with the finest list of them all.

COTD goes to TexanIdiot25 (There are 25 of them?), who didn't just compose a list, but painted a picture. A mad, twisted, zany, hilarious and ultimately touchingly inclusive picture :

El Camino

Doing dohnuts.

In the parking lot.

With, Chuck Norris.

Roundhouse kicking the gas hippies, Al Gore, and oil companies (who make shit loads of profits as is) in the face.

With POLAR in the passenger seat.

Shooting wildly.

And Murilee and Wert in the back...


And the Solstice coupe.