What would Leap Day Celebration be without several appearances from our canine friends, joining in the hoonin' fun? Dog's are profound leapers, anyhow, from Air Bud to those awesome hounds from the Great Outdoor Games to a spring-loaded terrier I had for a while in the '90s. Sometimes, however, a dog gets into a little too much human craziness. Read on!

Today's COTD comes from graverobber, who when we asked to choose between a pair of vids culminating in tree collisions for this post, offered the following:

Okay, the second one is a winner for the following factors:

Most air
Least likelihood that he was even aware of the tree until shortly after hitting it.

Dog chasing the car, and then not knowing what to do with it once it has "caught" it.

Most importantly; the driver exiting the car through the window while successfully holding onto his bottle of Bud in classic Lewboski fashion.

Yeah, if you were a happy hoonin' leaping canine, what would you do if you caught that thing?