A recent NPD Group and CEA study showed that car stereo sales and other car audio equipment had a steep decline in the fourth quarter of 2007. Single CD players dropped 4 percent, amplifiers dropped 21 percent, subwoofers dropped 18 percent and speakers dropped 8 percent—all compared to the same quarter in 2006. Kenwood seems to think it was the gas prices and weather, but in all reality I think it is because aftermarket car audio is slowly becoming obsolete. Hit the jump for a poll. I certainly don't buy aftermarket audio equipment anymore and I'm curious about you.

Most new cars include enough options for in-car entertainment and information including personal navigation systems and more. Also, the current model of in car systems don't utilize the previously universal rectangular deck space in favor of other designs that are less convenient to install.

I hate to say it, but as much as I enjoy my regular Crutchfield as bathroom reading material, aftermarket audio may be experiencing its swan song as manufacturers take over and give the consumers everything they could ever want for in-car entertainment. [TWICE](Image)

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