Is there any Hell Project that can compete against a car with chain drive, one carburetor per 200cc of engine displacement, and pretty much zilch in terms of parts availability? We can't say for sure, but we now know that more than 60% of Jalopnik readers surveyed believe that the Honda S800 out-hells the Lotus Europa. Today we're going for a unifying theme that doesn't have much to do with the type of vehicles involved; instead, the theme is the cleansing by flame that each entrant has undergone prior to making an attempt to insinuate itself into your garage.

The last time we had a Ferrari in this series, it lost the vote to a Maserati. Today we'll be giving one of Enzo's machines another shot at a Project Car Hell victory, with this 1975 Ferrari 308GT4, currently bid up to just over two grand and with an unknown reserve price. Some prospective buyers might feel intimidated by the fact that this car has fire damage, but don't let that put you off- the seller wants you to know that it was really just "a very light engine fire." See? Very light! Not a treetop-height roaring conflagration at all! No problem! You won't need to worry about the engine being damaged from the fire, because it's gone... along with most of the front body. So just find some front body parts (the seller will include a left headlight assembly and a "repairable" hood), a new drivetrain (think of the possibilities!), fix everything destroyed by that light fire... hey, it will all be worth it!

You know a car is cool when Robert Johnson writes a song about it... and you know it's a Hell Project when it burned up in a shop fire. So whatcha do is buy this 1936 Hudson Terraplane, which has no reserve price and is currently sitting at a one cent bid! Then you wait for a full moon and take your toolbox to a deserted crossroads at the edge of town, where you'll have the opportunity to sell your soul in exchange for the ability to fix your new car. See how easy it can be? And hey, maybe you won't even need any Beelzebublian assistance with this project, since the seller offers the very reassuring bit of info that this Terraplane was "farther from the side that burned the worst" during the fire. Maybe you can get the engine that's already in it to work, or maybe you put together a 6-71-huffing AMC 401 for it (AMC, after all, being the descendant of the Hudson Motor Car Company), clearcoat the burned-up paint, and have yourself the meanest-looking Hudson on the planet!

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