As we get closer to finding out whether or not the 24 Hours of LeMons overlords have accepted our 302-powered Volvo 240 for the Altamont race, we need to start preparing for roll cage installation. That means getting rid of the nightmarish tar-based insulation that those fiends in Göteborg applied all over the floorpan of our car. It's hard as iron, yet gums up any tool you use against it with a primeval petro-sludge. Fortunately, Jon from Team 211 Racing was kind enough to share a nice solution to the problem: dry ice! Hit the local welding-supply store for 10 pounds of dry ice pellets, sprinkle pellets on insulation, wait a few minutes for it to get good and cold, then hit the tar with an air chisel. Here's teammate Dave shattering some tar (apologies for the grainy phone-camera video).