Some years back, we were acquainted with a film critic/drunken savoyard type who liked to proclaim, unbidden, that Susan Sarandon has the "best t_ts in Hollywood!" Like he really knew. We assume he was talking about Early Sarandon, when this view was defensible. Later Susie... Well, you be the judge. Anyhoo, Hardigree's timely Question Of The Day was of course Hollywood-themed, requesting thoughts on favored fantasy Oscar conveyances. Lots of superb responses. And one COTD. Plus a little Sarandon.

Commenter 1300ccsoffury spanked it and spanked it good, adding a bit of the dragons as a kicker:

I'd love to take Satan's chopped Lincoln Town Car coupe, drop twin-turbo big block V8s into both ends of the car, cut off any and all emissions and sound restricting devices, and add a single-digit 5'x5' LED display on the roof to display instant fuel economy.

Then make out with Susan Sarandon in front of Tim Robbins.

Oh, smack. Take that, Nuke LaLoosh. 'Bout time, really.