If you didn't watch last night's Academy Awards we're not going to judge you (you can follow the Oscar live blog at Defamer if you're really interested). Most of what we wanted to happen, happened. No Country For Old Men was, hands down, the best film of 2007 and it won. Overall, a year of good movies apparently makes for a year of dull Oscars. To make matters more boring, they all showed up in eco-friendly vehicles. We wish they'd put as much effort into picking out cars as they do into picking out clothing. "What are you driving?" "This is a matte black De Tomaso Pantera." The red driveway, anyone?

Hollywood has come up with some of the most creative cars and yet on the most Hollywood of nights... nothing. Had we been nominated for anything, we'd have done better. Personally, we'd have shown up in a Lincoln Continental MK II. It's American, classy, unique and has just enough room for Marion Cotillard. But that's us. Assuming you were nominated (for a technical award, clearly), what would you have shown up in? Anyone who says fuel-cell Equinox gets fed to the zombies.