36 Hours To Glory: Electrifying A Triumph Spitfire

Greg "Gadget" Abbott, who has worked as a contractor, a butler, a metal fabricator, and a dancer, now has a business converting gasoline-powered vehicles to electrical motivation. At the recent Alternative Car and Transportation Expo in Santa Monica, Abbott undertook quite an ambitious project to demonstrate the ease with which an electric conversion may be done: 36 hours to change over a '78 Spitfire. To make the challenge even tougher, he would use no power tools and his assistants would have no experience whatsoever with this kind of swap. Hmmm... isn't it tempting fate to convert a British car to electric power, what with the Curse of Joe Lucas hanging over its components? Follow the links below to find out whether or not the Spitfire leaves the expo humming under its own power.

From gas-powered to electric auto in 36 hours flat: Part 1, Part 2 [Christian Science Monitor]


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