Yesterday saw the birth of the maybe first annual Maximum Wagon Day. Within the span of the day, the virtues and greatness of the extra capacity cars was the subject of our obsession. The day was a bittersweet exercise in appreciating an under appreciated segment. Should we really have to go out of our way to bring baby out of the corner? We say wagons for everyone. Unless you're crossing the Sahara or scaling the Rubicon trail, do you really need that ML420? Wouldn't you be happier in a car like the Intermeccanica Murena 429 GT, perhaps the greatest wagon every built? Abandon the PR spin of sport activity vehicles and crossover utilities and embrace the do-it-all perfection of the wagon as we take a spin down retrospective lane.

We started the day off with a right and proper declaration of wagon war. A proper recognition of our net based wagon loving forefathers at the resting, but ready for a return followed as is proper when drumming up support for a cause.

Then straight to the heart of the matter, holla-holla-Hardigree served us the question of the day straight up: Are Wagons Cool? The answer: You bet you're ass they're cool.

Proving the answer that question before you commenters could even dig your teeth in was the quattro engined, all wheel drive madness inducing Riviera Wagon Master. Visions of day long four wheel burnouts in clouds of billowing tire smoke while hauling engine parts danced in our head.

Europe proved is has none of the groundless fear of wagonocity when we learned Peugeot would be bringing its 308 SW to the upcoming Geneva Motor Show. We'll be there in a little over a month to appreciate the flat loading, cargo hauling, fuel economizing goodness.

Rinspeed proved wagons can be all things to all people with the Bedouin. Not only was it a shooting brake based on the 911, but it was also a halfback convertible and sported some mini-camino action. Try doing that with your SUV (okay, we'll be fair, GM's poorly received GMC Envoy XUV pulled a simililar move, but definitely with less style).

With yesterday's longest and certainly most British exotic car entry, the Aston Martin Lagondawagon blew everybody's mind with the strategic deployment of massive V8 combined with the almost unheard of E-pillar.

Everybody needs a place to call home. If you're a madman with a wagon all your own, not needing validation from society, knowing the wagon is superior to all other forms of transport, you many want to turn your eys to the American Station Wagon Owners of America.

Connecticut, you are so small, and yet your native sons (or flannel lovin' ladies) proved to us that yes Victoria, Wagons can compete in Hoon of the Day.

The Packard Wagon showed up in all its tealy goodness and rocked hard doing it. Even afterthought, budget badge engineered, crazy colored antique wagons show superior logic. With two antenna sprouting from each fin, fans of symmetry, and reception, are guaranteed to be happy.

Oh car chases, how do we love thee? A lot, especially if they sport the low ball pyrotechnics and outhouse crushing sensibilities displayed in the Vista Cruiser Chase.

Rekindling fond memories of ghost themed 80's comedy movies gone by, the ECTO-1 brought back that illustrious feeling of purpose and badass that only a Cadillac wagon can provide.

Without racing, were would we be? Still driving solid front axle T's that's where. And in that spirit, the battle of the track day wagons warms our heart and calms the sensibiliies. Something is just so right about two Japanese guys duking it out on the track in wagonified Subaru's and Mitsubishi's.

A wagon for every stage of life. We start out with Radio Flyers and end up in a hearse. The funeral wagon, if you will, comes in many varieties and always does its solemn duty, but that doesn't mean it isn't still wagon at heart - stopped or otherwise.

And finally, because there's something in our makeup which forces bad Russian jokes, the four wheel drive, Lada/AutoVaz wagon combo to end the day.

It was a great day for wagons everywhere, and we hope to bring you more maximum something days in the future, but for now, let us rest on the laurels of a fine inaugural Maximum Wagon Day.