This is quite possibly the first sign of the apocalypse, but Kumho now has the Ecsta DX Aroma all-season tires available. Kumho is using the term "aroma" literally, because these tires have ditched the masculine smell of rubber in favor of lavender. How does one get tires to smell like a color?

It's quite simple.

Using a special mixing technology to blend the synthetic oils that provide the fragrant scent into the rubber compound, these heat-resistant oils are said to enhance the bonding of rubber chains and maximize the viscoelasticity of the rubber compound, which helps reduce braking distances on wet or dry roads. The Ecsta DX Aroma compound also features silica to improve all-weather performance and wet traction.

It does make me wonder if burnouts will be the new method for masking odor and making a house, garage, parking lot or other area smell fresh and flowery. Expect to pay $81 per tire and any sense of dignity you still have for these lavender-scented tires and their unholy aromatherapy. [Giz]