To some people, the relatively affordable and fast Corvette Z06 is automotive perfection. Those some people might not like the Ugur Sahin Design Corvette Z03, which takes the Z06 and replaces the original look with a carbon fiber body that adds a touch of stallion to the America sports car. In order to make this truly a super car, the design seems to indicate that it'll be almost impossible to see out of the back of the car. Though the car is going to maintain the Z06 setup, it has the dimensions of a mid-engined sports car. And like most modern design projects, the company actually thinks they're going to build 100 of these.

There will be three engine packages available for the Z03, with horsepower ranging from 500 to 750 hp. Prices will be announced in March and the first vehicles will apparently be available to costumers late in 2008. Call us a touch skeptical. []