The sneaky-shooters who work for Brenda Priddy have got themselves one helluva huge scoop today. Chris Doane, her made man in the D, has captured the first spy photos of a vehicle we know we never knew we were waiting for — the Prevost H-Series Coach Bus. Already the H-Series is well known for the tallest high-deck coaches in the industry, the best panoramic view and the industry's largest under-floor storage capacity at 470 ft³. But now we hear Prevost is upping the ante with separate climate controls for each and every passenger and a real fire suppression systems. Yup, the new H-Series will do away with the industry practice of shoving a fire extinguisher under the driver seat and enter the world of 21st century building technology. Hell, we even hear they'll be getting a real-live GPS system on board. Holy cow, will the innovation never stop? Actually, one place they may want to look at adding some R&D monies may be in the critical area of spy photo camouflage. While a lobster bib-like sheet of corrugated plastic held on with zip ties may have worked in the days of pinhole cameras and Kodachrome, it's not so much effective these days. Especially when it's got your brand name on it. Somewhat ironic spy report from the Priddy pride below the jump and high-res shot of the H-Series here.

We're still able to identify this as none other than the next generation of Prevost's H series bus! (Where else would you get pictures and information like this?)

And as buses go, this has to be one of the most technological commuters on the road today - imagine separate climate controls for each and every passenger, fire suppression systems and all the "normal' things such as electronic stability control, tire pressure monitoring system and - of course - a state-of-the-art GPS system!

And just take a look at the massive Goodyear tires - 365/70R/22.5!

Photo Credit: Chris Doane for Brenda Priddy & Company