Leave it to a mechanic named Wang to think of using parts from a public toilet to improve his Mercedes-Benz. Mr. Wang was planing to increase the performance of said car by ripping the heat sensor out of a public toilet and attaching it to the engine. He might have gotten away with it, too, had it not been for the fact that someone caught him breaking into the bathroom where he planned to steal the sensors (we guess he's pouring all of his money into the car). Just to be safe, Taiwanese Mercedes-Benz dealership made a public statement where they declared that their cars cannot be tweaked with potty parts.

Specifically, they said:

"The probability of successfully using a sensor from a public toilet to replace special factory-made sensors was and remains zero.

In addition to not working, the mechanics believe it could also create engine problems that could lead to a fire or explosion. Clearly, this young man has piss-poor judgement. When he does get out of jail, we have some parts he may be interested in. [The Telegraph]