Aussie Envy Day at Jalopnik continues. We've brought you the R3 Satria, the FPV GT and the 2008 Ford FG Falcons. And while most of these cars are drool-worthy, not everyone can afford to shell out that kind of cash. For the Ute-lover on a budget there's the Malaysian built Proton Jumbuck, which can be had for slightly under $14K (USD). For all that scratch you get a little Ute with a five-speed manual transmission, FWD, a 1.5-liter inline-four and a bizarre name.

While it won't be ripping up pavement like the Falcon or Holden Utes, it is thousands and thousands of dollars cheaper than either domestic offering. Plus, where are you going to find an SSV Ute that gets 40 mpg combined mileage?