Who says a Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow can't be a trackday toy? Not the guys from the British rag that's all about Performance Cars that are Practical. They wanted a vehicle that could do a lap of the Nürburgring in under 10 minutes while comfortably seating five adults. Sure you could just get a new Audi or a BMW and call it a day, but they wanted something different, something with real style. So they picked up an old Rolls with a 6.75L V8 (and a 3-speed autobox), slapped a T4 turbo on, cranked up the boost, and headed for Germany. [Warning: Potentially NSFW Hilarious British Cussing In Video]

Of course, no rat rod Rolls would be complete without flat-black paint. And being a track car, the tires and suspension were upgraded as well. But overall this is still a proper Roller, fit for that certain head-of-state hoon who wants to have a bit of fun from the back seat.

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