Nothing says Jalopnik like the following Craigslist car ad, and not just because they follow our Craigslist Posting Guidelines. First, you've got a gold 1981 280zx, with T-Tops. Second, all sorts of work has been done to keep this car going. Third, the owner refers to the car as a "her." Fourth, you've got the very Jalopnik price of $2,700 (not everything can be under $500). But there's one little addition that gives it the extra Jalopnik touch:

Great daily driver-hate to let her go...but time to move on. I am looking for a 1962-1969 Ranchero-v8 with 4 speed manual transmission or auto.

That's right, David is totally ready to move on to a 1960's Ranchero. Awesome. No looking to trade up to a more reliable car built after 1981. (Thanks to Citizen Braff for the tip). [Craigslist]