Oh, how they must be laughing at us in the United Arab Emirates, where high-rollers bid in the multi-millions for low-digit license plates. Our big counter-news from the land of liberty is that a collector from Delaware just coughed up a measly $675,000 at auction for that state's plate number "6."

This a legit antique plate, by the way, one that can still be slapped on a car and counted as a legal license number, complete with yearly registration sticker. That's what ups the value of these classic black-and-white collectibles. According to the report in The News Journal, a "dead" Del. plate number "6" went for $1,100. Just for the record, the same family, the Fuscos, that bought number "6" also owns number "9" ($185,000—these people are whacked, even if as they claimed in another report that they're beating the S&P 500). No info on the whereabouts of numbers 1-5, but we're thinking a vault in the Persian Gulf—or else moldering in the Wilmington basement of an interwebs-deprived retiree named Gus. [The News Journal]