You see some puzzling things in junked cars, but something about the interior of this Renault Alliance caught my eye as I scavenged for race car parts over the weekend. What the...? I thought as I peered into the 1983 Car Of The Year's Franco-Kenoshan interior. Some sort of leaky-looking plastic sphere, filled with a yellowish liquid and precariously duct-taped onto the shift lever...

Remember the Alliance? Chrysler got US government bailout money, but AMC had to go, hat in hand, to get French government bailout money. Too bad they couldn't get Citröen involved; imagine a car that combined the Javelin and the SM!


I thought at first that this thing might be some sort of snow-globe... but there's nothing but liquid in that plastic ball.

Perhaps the previous owner of this car needed to keep a stash of clean urine on hand at all times, in case of sudden workplace drug test: "Of course I'll pee in your cup, sir, but I need to, uh, go to my car first!"