The Saab-loving conspiracy theorists still seem to think I've purposely excluded their favorite cars from this series; after all, in a city where there seems to be a Volvo 240 for every five citizens, wouldn't you expect to see a lot of Saabs as well? Well, no; in these parts, a Volvo in front of your house 25 years ago made a statement about your beliefs, while a Saab just said, uh... well, that you drove a Saab. Thus, old Saabs are scarce ('90 and newer ones are plentiful, of course), and it took me months just to find this somewhat boring '85. But now you suspicious Saab-o-philes can rejoice, because I've found a pretty straight 99 in Alameda's West End!

This car sold new for nearly 8 grand, only about $1300 less than a BMW 320i and almost $1500 more than a Volvo 244.

Yes, it's a 4-door. I swear I'm still combing the island for a showroom-condition Saab 93, but until I find it you're going to have to take what Saabs you can get.

Anyway, this car is in pretty good shape, and it's obviously someone's everyday driver. That's always good to see with a 30-year-old machine.

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