Wienermobile Has Exact Same Crash Five Years After First Crash

Weather is a bitch, as evidenced by the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile crashing into a ditch. And it crashed into the same ditch it crashed into five years ago and the same picture was taken. Talk about irony!


The crash, which is definitely not the same crash we wrote about in February 2008 and also appeared on Autoblog, happened in upstate New York, at least that's what the Star-Gazette reported when it spun off the road. Their story from 2008 is no longer live, which means that this is a totally different crash because of the current winter weather.

So the tweets and Facebook posts of this unfortunately no longer mobile wiener are actually old. That means an enterprising internet user found it and then it went viral.

Thankfully the driving wiener was just temporarily immobilized and is probably back on the road right now, delighting children and spreading Oscar Mayer Wiener Whistles across our great land.

Wienermobile Temporarily Immobilized, Permanently A Giant Wheeled Phallus

We're grateful that the two interns piloting this Wienermobile were not hurt when the 27-foot-long homage to America's appetite for ersatz meat products hit a patch of ice and spun out of control while barreling towards Penn State. It would not only be unfortunate, but make it harder to make jokes at their expense. Seeing as how they're uninjured we now have no reservations about highlighting the humor in a giant hot dog planting itself in a ditch. For instance, we're happy to point out this quote from the tow truck driver that extricated the Wienermobile from the snowy ditch: "I've pulled out a lot of vehicles," he said. "But that's the first wiener I've ever pulled out."

There are many more sausage-related jokes to make, but the writer of the story milks most of the humor out of this situation. In the end, it's good art but falls short of our favorite Wienermobile story. [Star-Gazette via AutoBlog]
(photo: Star-Gazette)