350MPH Jet-Powered School Bus To Make Ohio Momentarily Exciting

"School Time" is a jet-powered school bus using a 42,000HP engine from a McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom. It's 10ft tall, 35ft long, and if you're anywhere Dayton, Ohio this weekend, you can see it go 350MPH.

"School Time" is the creation of jet-power fanatic and mechanical daredevil Paul Stender who's brought the world such excellent creations as a 400 MPH jet-powered Dodge Ram and the jet-powered porta potty. In 2008 he put a General Electric J-79 jet engine into a heavily modified school bus and despite the vehicle's brick-like aerodynamics its staggering 42,000 HP can get the contraption up to 350 MPH.


Mr. Stender and his jet-powered school bus will be appearing this weekend at the Vectren Dayton Air Show, at the Dayton International Airport, making it officially the most interesting thing to do in Ohio this weekend. [GizmoWatch]

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