'35 Ford Ute's LP Gassed Thunder From Down Under

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Australia: the land that bequeathed onto us such treasures as Radio Birdman, The Saints, The Celibate Rifles, and Steve Irwin. When most of us think of hot Australian cars we think of Ford Falcons or Holden Monaros blasting across the Outback. And of course, we think of El Camino-esque, still-in-production Utes, wishing they'd follow the GTO to the States. But older utes are much like '30s and '40s American pickups, and as such, they're really responsive to classic rodding tricks.

20 year-old Steve Jones (not the Sex Pistol) and his dad built this neat little rod from a rusty hulk his father picked up from a friend. It took the Joneses 4 years to build the truck, as he had to pay for all the parts and only had a part-time job at the time. The LPG-fueled 283 feeds into a TH 350 and out to a Chrysler rear end. The interior features bits from Saab, Holden and Nissan, while the stereo pumps out 640 watts of good will. Body mods include a 2-inch chop, alumium hood side panels and a one-piece bonnet, and it's all coated in PPG Orange Pearl.

Just the ticket for cruising for Sheilas or haulin' a load of shrimp to the barbie. (We need some new Australian clich s. Can somebody help us out, please? Anybody? Bueller?)


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