One of the things motorcycle riders like tout about their choice of transportation is that, in the event of the crash, they're less likely to hurt others than an automobile. And while it's true that most people would rather be in a head-on with a K1200S than a Yukon, at 155 mph a motorcycle is basically a missile. In this case, a young rider had just received his license and took his bike for a high speed drive. This was apparently so fast that he didn't have time to hit the brakes before his bike merged with the VW Golf above.

After impact the Golf flipped over and landed about 10 feet from the point of impact, with the motorcycle driver lodged inside the vehicle. The car's two passengers and the driver were killed and the Swedish Police have taken to taking the car to motorcycle events to remind people that, when you just start driving, maybe it's best to keep it under 100 MPH. Of course, there's some question as to whether or not this bike could even go 155 MPH and, even if it could, if this is what it would look like. Are the Swedes lying? You tell us. (thanks DGJ)