If you're like us, you read the New Straits Times religiously. You therefore may have noticed a piece in today's issue about a couple of would-be cattle rustlers that managed to get an adult cow in the back seat of a mid-sized sedan before a group of villagers in the area noticed. When the villagers did finally realize something was awry they gave chase, causing the driver of the vehicle to lose control.

After the sedan hit a tree, the driver and possibly a non-Bovine passenger fled on foot. Unfortunately, the injured cow had to be slaughtered at the scene. Thankfully, a bunch of angry villagers are exactly what you need to slaughter a cow quickly. This goes against something else we read in Straits Times about the poor being too lazy. Not to contradict a Malaysian government official, but anyone who manages to get a cow into the back seat of anything is not lazy. [AP via Google]